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We design and manufacture our cables to the highest standards and quality.

Each cable uses high grade copper and employs multiple levels of insulation to dramatically improve capacitance.  All our cables are constructed using Gotham Audio cabling, which has been utilized in studios all over the world since 1976.  We also use black and gold connectors to ensure longevity in your cable and consistent performance throughout the life of the cable. Every cable is backed by a lifetime manufacturers warranty that ensures your investment over the life of the cable.

We use Neutrik black and gold connectors for the majority of our cables to ensure longevity and consistent performance in your cable.

Specialty plugs are available that give you further control and flexibility with your cables. This silent plug automatically mutes your cable when unplugged.

Boots and rings are available for all Neutrik XLR & 1/4" connectors to offer you further customization and easy identification when using multiple cables.

Every cable contains double copper shielding and multiple levels of insulation to ensure less noise interference and better tone.