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The quality of our cables ensures a great show or a pristine recording time after time.


Single Shield Wrap

This doesn't shield 100% of the cable and leaves room for interference.

Stiff Jacket

Basic cables use a hard material that makes the cables stiff and easy to get bent out of shape.

Little Copper

Most store-bought microphone cables use as few strands of copper in the conductors as possible to save cost.

Limited Options

With most companies you're stuck with the pre-made lengths and options they sell in the store.


Double Shield Wrap

Our cables have a double layer or shielding to provide 100% coverage from noise & interference. 

Flexible Jacket

Our cables have a soft, pliable feel that retain their shape better and longer than most standard cables.

Tons of Copper

Our premium microphone cables have 48 strands of copper per conductor and our studio triple & quad cables have 96 strands per conductor!

Truly Custom

We offer a wide range of options right on our site, but if that's not enough, just email and we will make your cable exactly to your specifications.